Monday, April 1, 2013

Books, books, and a new library for all of those books

Finished. Done. Complete. Check that one off of my list of home renovation projects to do.

I've finally finished the new mud-room/libary. The centerpiece of which is a bookshelf staircase. (Yes, I said bookshelf staircase.) A picture is worth a thousand words, so here ya go:

The earliest alternating tread staircase that I am aware of was designed by Italian architect, Carlo Scarpa. By creating smaller treads, (each tread able to accomodate only one foot at a time), the stair can be built in half the span of a traditional staircase. Each tread is double height - 14inches - however, it is a traditional 7 inches from it's partner tread, making the climb no more strenuous, (although requiring more coordination - especially coming down). But hopefully, I've created a complimentary "hand rail" that helps with the climb up and down. My accompanying stair rail is made of bookshelf boxes that rise the full fourteen inches - doubled, making a hand-hold at the twenty-eight inch level. Here. Let me just show you a picture taken from the side/below.

And what does any of this have to do with "The House That A&W Collectables Filled"? I thought you would never ask. Perhaps you see a theme in the two photographs above. It's books and ladders. The ladder "shelf" shown above will receive two more shelves and many more books before my project is fully staged. But this view (below) features my newest ladder acquisition, from Richard and Annette's booth at A&W Collectables!

Cool, huh? It reminds me of a ladder that might have been found in an old theater, although I imagine it has many practical purposes. It's great for reaching books on high shelves. Too bad I don't have any high shelves. The kindergarten coat closet is a recent acquisition from a thrift store and if it doesn't stay with the house when it sells, it will be found taken to A&W Collectables and sold there. (But it does fit that niche rather well.)

I'm not fond of posting the "ugly" before pictures, but these pictures describe the building process of the bookshelf/staircase, and show just how far it's come. Before it was a mud room/library, this space was one corner of the 2-car garage, currently a single-car garage and workshop.

For a month of Mondays, my dad came and we hammered and nailed and cut and he swung from the rafters like a monkey (at 80 years old), and cut holes in the ceiling, and built and wired and ... you get the picture. He positively transformed this space!!!!

Stairs seen from the garage wall, (before the garage wall was installed.)

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