Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Little Paint, Primer, and Putty

I muscled my way around pneumonia and painted, primed, and puttied, and finally, the family room is complete!

The little side tables, both in front of the two windows, well, one is a smoking stand that was pulled into use to help Old Kitty come in through her cat window, they both came from, you guessed it, A&W Collectables.
The little rocking chair on the hearth - that was mine from back when I was a wee little thing.
The wardrobe-TV cabinet - that belonged to Grandma Couch and stood in her front hall for as long as I can remember. But never fear! There's one in the barn at A&W Collectables that you could turn into one of your own family heirlooms.
The rug? A&W.
That's Gracie on the sofa. She's one-of-a-kind and definitely not for sale.

Featured in the opposite corner is my new, (new to me), amazing Fox pillow from upstairs at A&W Collectables in Merle's booth! It will eventually move to the cottage where I have this whole Horse and Hound theme going on.
The gold armchair on the right - A&W Collectables. The brown armchair didn't quite make it into A&W Collectables, but it will someday when I find something I like better to replace it. It's a fabulous, French country piece with absolutely no stuffing. Ahhh, we suffer for beauty.
And not quite visible (due to no fault of their own, but rather my poor photography skills), some cool and funky picnic baskets atop the corner cabinet - found in Brenda's and Bob's booths at A&W Collectables.
If you're looking for a corner cabinet similar to the one in this shot, I recommend Lam Brother's Unfinished Furniture. I LOVE that place - and the folks there are fabulous and friendly.
The artwork in the background is left over from our art show two weekends ago. We played host to "Like Chocolate for Your Eyes and Ears" a show of art work by Alaina B. and Della J. - in preparation for their upcoming college portfolio reviews, and a lovely violin recital by the amazing Evelyn G. - in preparation for an upcoming college audition.

Ahhh, but life is full and grand.

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  1. I love, love, love the fox pillow. My new granddaughter's nursery is decorated in a quirky fox & owl theme, and the 1st place I went looking for related items was A & W Collectibles. It is one of my go-to places for affordable décor, no matter what the theme may be.