Friday, May 4, 2012

It's RALLY time!

The Shadwell Bridge is CLOSED! but A&W Collectables is still OPEN!!! And it's time to rally! I've learned a couple of things from publishing. 1) If it isn't fun, you're probably doing it wrong. 2) If it isn't fun, then why are you doing it?
So per my own advice, and toward calling out all shoppers to have some fun, see what's new at A&W, AND enjoy fine company, I'm throwing together an impromptu TEA PARTY tomorrow, Saturday, May 5th! (No, not THAT kind of tea party.) A tea party - with the beverage and unusual hat-wear!
I'll be there in my tea party bonnet, and I'm not including a picture here. If you want to see me in my fine togs, (yes, I do dress up occassionally in something that's not been spattered with paint,) then come on out to A&W Collectables, Tomorrow, Saturday May 5th (cinqo de maio) for a cup of tea on the house and some antiquing with some folks who KNOW how to party... and shop... for antiques!!!! (Follow the detour signs or my directions here if you feel lucky.) From Charlottesville, take 250 east. Turn left on route 22 (and have a quick peek at the bridge destruction.) Take the next right on Hunt Club Road, right on Keswick Road, then the next left on Hacktown Road. This will put you out at 250 just below the shop. Turn right on 250 and look for the big yellow sign! AND LET THE PARTYING BEGIN!!!


  1. dear sofie,
    sorry we missed your tea party on the 5th, but we had a wonderful time at a&w collectables today, talking with bob and mildred, and we carried away some treasures. :-)
    we had a spring tea party at whimsy by the sea (booth) at a unique house antique mall a few weeks ago, too, and it was great fun. hope yours was also a good time.

    1. Sorry I missed you! I came home early yesterday and I've spent today getting ahead, (house work,) so we can get out to the shop on one of it's "closed" days to work some magic on Della's booth. Hope you can make it back to check it out!

    2. Ann, I just visited your blog. Beautiful! Can't wait to get down to see your shop! For anyone else reading, you'll want to go over to "Whimsy by the Sea"'s blog. Just beautiful!