Sunday, May 20, 2012

Every Nook and Cranny


  [foi-er, foi-ey; Fr. fwa-yey]  Show IPA
noun, plural foy·ers [-erz, -eyz; Fr. -yey]  Show IPA.
the lobby of a theater, hotel, or apartment house.
a vestibule or entrance hall in a house or apartment.

That, according to, is what we have here!

It's the place where everyone hangs their hat... drops their keys... deposits their book bag, coat, shoes, cell phone, one sock, a glass of soda, dog fur, a dead mouse.... You get the idea. Well, this is the "after" photo. It's a bit spartan, but recall, we're staging to sell. So hold on to your socks and I'll show you the "before" photos:

And Ugh.

And now...

While there isn't a lot in this "place to hang your hat" area of the house, (except for the camera bag that someone left on the steps,) I did find a wonderful treasure yesterday at A&W Collectables that was just perfect for the foyer. In "Brenda's booth" I found another vintage umbrella that just had to come home with me. 

Isn't it cute? Seriously, I couldn't leave it behind. It was only $8!!! Check out that funky lucite handle. (There's another one there, at the shop - $8, as of yesterday, the 19th. It might still be there if you hurry. Similar design. Pink and gray and brown. Cooool.)

Happy treasure hunting! I'm still working on my distressed kitchen cabinets. The pictures came out so poorly, I've decided I need to replace the counter tops before I highlight another room that A&W Collectables has filled. Soooooon.

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