Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Paint is Dry

And the dining room at DeerHeartHouse is put back together. A bit Spartan still, but this house is being staged to sell, so I think that's probably best, as I have a tendency toward clutter. Can you guess why? Because there are so many beautiful things at A&W Collectables. So, without further delay...
The buffet. All of the dining room pieces were found in a junk shop in Pennsylvania. They are definitely dated, but hopefully, the new distressed paint application has made them more timeless. The mirror is from A&W Collectables - not sure who I bought that from. The pewter pieces on the buffet are likewise from A&W.
China cabinet and table. Window shades from J.C. Penney's. It will all get a splash of color once the chairs (6 of them,) are finished. They will receive the same paint treatment, but the seats are being recovered in a fabulous blue and gold brocade. None of that will begin until tomorrow. Tonight, it's dinner with Mom and Dad, so we have to have dry chairs to sit in around the table.

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