Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The House that A&W Collectables Filled

A long time ago, a young woman, with next to no furniture, (a bed, a few pots and pans, and little else,) dreamed of having a home filled with beautiful antiques and collections that would make her smile and make anyone else entering her home, feel at home. Her only venue for shopping, since she had very little, (no) pocket money, was the dumpster that was situated very near her first apartment.

Jump ahead twenty (mumble,mumble) okay, thirty years. Today, her parents own and operate A&W Collectables that has grown from a one-room shop into a seventy-five hundred square feet antique mini-mall, the host site of nearly thirty different vendors... and the source of most of dumpster diving woman's home decor needs.

This blog is for others like the aforementioned woman, with little pocket money, but big design ideas. A&W Collectables is located at 3416 Richmond Road - six miles east of Charlottesville, Virginia in Keswick. I hope you will join me at A&W! In fact, I dare you! I'll beat you there to get the best finds at the best prices. Here's a sampling of what I've found there:

A washstand, distressed black with gold accents. (Picture doesn't do it justice.) Mirrors from A&W; lamp from my mother-in-law; Ceiling light, (sadly, not shown,) - "Richard and Annette's" booth at A&W.

This is my "Writer's Retreat". Pictured is a grandfather clock - Mom's booth at A&W; rug - Jayne's booth at A&W: sofa - road treasure; gold wing-chair - thrift store; desk chair - Lisa's Booth at A&W; small side table - Alan's Booth at A&W; window sheers - Wal-Mart.

And here's another view. (Can you tell I don't make a living with my photographs?) Marble top dresser - Craigslist; lamp (one of a pair) - Bob's booth at A&W; Burl walnut secretary - Mom's booth at A&W; marrionette puppet - Dad's booth at A&W (I think.).

Currently, I'm working on the dining room - and that will be fodder for the next blog - next week, featuring candlesticks from re-purposed treasure from Richard and Annette's booth and inspired by Robin's booth; pewter-ware from Mom's booth; and dining room suite from Pennsylvania thrift store, (which I'm in the process of "distressing"... and it's turning out GORGEOUS)!

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